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The origins of the “Molino Braga” can be traced back to the mid-1800s, close to the center of Brescia, where Braga family used to lead a craft activity. The rapid industrialization of the twentieth century and the volume of business growth led to progressively modernize the facility focusing the production on the milling of common wheat.

In 2003 a new production plant in Dello (BS) is created. In the mentioned plant, many different qualities of common wheat are milled, for a volume of 200t/24h with a grinding plant, a cleaning and storage equipment of latest generation. The entire system is managed by a PLC software which constantly monitors the individual steps of the production process, fully automated and designed according to the latest regulations on food safety.

In 2015, the plant capacity is brought up to 300t / 24h with the insertion of a new Buhler line of mills and a further technological updating of the whole process.