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Dedicating himself to viticulture and cultivating the vine to obtain exceptional grapes: this was the dream of Massimo, a dynamic Piedmontese entrepreneur, who has always been a passionate admirer of the wine tradition of his region.
A dream come true.
His story tells of a deep passion, a particular attention to the winemaking processes and the quality of the grapes. Elements that allowed him to produce Barbaresco, Barolo and Nebbiolo with a unique expression.

Our wines

We mainly vinify Nebbiolo grapes, a grape capable of charming the domestic market and conquer international markets.
In our wines we find elegance and personality, without ever compromising: they tell stories of tradition and rigour, and they do not slip away behind the promise of an easy and good approach for everyone.

-Linea Innovazione

Fresh and lively wines that accompany you in the tradition but with a modern approach.

-Linea Tradizione

Complexity and balance in the most classic interpretations of the great wines of Barbaresco, which enhance the diversity of the territory.


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