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TIPICO PANE GUTTIAU 250 GR (10 in a box)

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Tipico, prodotti tipici di sardegna , pane guttiau sardo in astuccio , croccante e musicale con aggiunta di olio sardo, ricetta antica sarda , 250gr.

The most known and tasty variant of the carasau is the guttiau bread, whose preparation is obtained thanks to the addition of olive oil and a pinch of salt on each sheet making it tasty and tasty. The bread of the shepherds resists the time and the change of tastes: it is the symbol of the culinary tradition of Sardinia. The craft workshops of Oliena still holds all the secrets of Barbagia and still Carasau is prepared as grandmothers did.


 Regrind durum wheat semolina , water, brewer’s yeast, salt,sardinian .