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STAR GRAN RAGU' CLASSICO TIN 180 GR X2 (12 in a box)

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Star sugo pronto il mio gran ragù classico 100% carne italiana , in latta, 2 unit, 360gr.

The recipe of the traditional sauce par excellence, with a rich taste and a unique flavor. Mio Gran Ragù Classico is prepared with 100% strictly controlled Italian meat and is guaranteed by the monitoring of suppliers. No preservatives. Gluten Free.


Water, meat 29.5% (bovine 16%, swine 13.5%), tomato paste 15%, carrots, onions, sunflower seed oil 2.7%, celery, modified corn starch, salt, yeast extract, sugar, flavors, pepper. May contain traces of: milk, fish, egg.

Quantità Strato: 11 colli

Quantità Pallet:  88 colli