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RANA SUGO AL CACIO E PEPE 150 GR (6 in a box)

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Giovanni rana, sugo fresco cacio e pepe,  pronto, 100% naturale, 150gr.

The strong taste of pecorino romano dop meets the scent of selected peppercorns in a new recipe with an enveloping creaminess. Try it as a condiment for your pasta dishes and surprise everyone by preparing a delicious cheese and pepper!
Cooking Guidelines:
Take the aluminium lid off the container. Heat sauce directly in a skillet or in microwave (750 W) for 45 seconds.


Pecorino Romano cheese DOP* 40%, water, ricotta (whey, milk, salt), black pepper 0.7%, natural flavors. *PDO: Protected Designation of Origin. May contain gluten, eggs, nuts, fish, crustaceans, molluscs, soybeans, celery.