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Plasmon la pastina per bambini  a partire dall'inizio dello svezzamento , la sabbiolina, 300gr.

Pastina Sabbiolina Plasmon is a product indicated from the beginning of weaning, unless otherwise advised by the pediatrician.
The Pastine Plasmon are the perfect base for baby food, with a range from the beginning of weaning, to the first pasta in bags saves freshness.
The Pastina Sabbiolina Plasmon is in a format designed especially for children, very small and easy to swallow. It cooks in 2 minutes and makes the food perfect to accustom the child to new textures and tastes.
The Pastine Plasmon are produced in Italy with Italian Ingredients. Quality guaranteed Oasis in Growth.


Wheat flour, Calcium carbonate, Iron fumarate, Niacin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Thiamine, May contain traces of soy, milk, lupin and eggs, CONTAINS GLUTEN.

For 100 g: Energy 1480 kJ / 349 kcal, Fat 1.3 g of which saturated fatty acids 0.4 g, Carbohydrates 73 g of which sugars 3.0 g, Fiber 2.6 g, Protein 10 g, Salt <0.01 g, Calcium 200mg, Vitamin B6 0.6mg, Iron 10mg.

Store in a dry place and away from heat sources.