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Mutti ,fillets of tomatoes, lattine da 400gr.

Differences “salsa di pomodoro”, “pelati” and “concentrato di pomodoro
The “salsa di pomodoro” is the result of cooking the pulp of tomatoes passed in olive oil and is mainly used as a condiment for pasta. In industrial production, unlike artisanal production, other animal or vegetable fats are often added. When the tomatoes, instead of pureed, are cut into cubes, the tomato pulp is obtained, which is less liquid and more full-bodied. 
The “concentrato” is instead a puree with less water. It is usually packaged in tubes, while the sauce in glass or aluminum jars. 
The “pelati” are whole San Marzano tomatoes that are cooked and peeled and stored in glass jars. A conservation method that is used to make use of tomatoes even in winter and which has a longer shelf life than sauces and concentrates.
Whether it is salsa or pelati, the artisanal procedure is very simple and allows you to obtain a fresh and genuine product: the tomatoes, just picked, are washed within the day, blanched, peeled and naturally sterilized. The result is a red and pulpy sauce, free of GMOs and preservatives, with high nutritional properties: it contains vitamins of group B, C, D, but above all E, and antioxidants.