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Lete natural sparkling water pet bottle, bottiglia di plastica, 1500ml.

Water Lete gives you every day three good reasons to smile and feel good: it facilitates digestion, can have diuretic effects and is indicated in low-salt diets. Moreover, Acqua Lete has always been Sport Water.
Acqua Lete is a true gift of nature, in its path through the rocks of the Monti del Matese Regional Park, it is enriched with precious mineral salts receiving the gift of natural effervescence, which materializes in its delicate bubbles of carbon dioxide. Lete water, with its 5 mg/l of sodium is the natural effervescent with the lowest sodium content produced in Italy. It is ideal for low-salt diets indicated in the case of arterial hypertension, a serious cause of cardiovascular disorders and water retention, one of the main causes of the onset of cellulite.

In addition to its delicate effervescence and exceptional thirst-quenching properties, Acqua Lete, rich in bicarbonates (940 mg/l) and calcium (305 mg/l), helps the digestive processes and reduces the sense of swelling that you feel after a meal, giving a pleasant feeling of well-being.
Drunk regularly, Water Lete promotes diuresis purifying the body in a natural way and combines rehydration with the ability to better muscle recovery after sports activity.
Drinking Acqua Lete, therefore, does not only mean drinking water with extraordinary properties, it means taking care of your well-being without sacrificing the pleasure of a truly satisfying taste.