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Lavazza caffè macinato per moka,  grounded coffee , qualità rossa , 250gr.

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee is a unique Italian blend of roasted, ground coffee from Robusta and Arabica beans. Depending on preparation, the taste ranges from mild to bold with beans from South America and Africa. This espresso coffee is aromatic, smooth and well-rounded with hints of chocolate and dried fruit, it has a delicate taste and level 5 intensity. The ground coffee can be used in a coffee maker machine, moka or French press. You can enjoy the coffee the way you like it: aromatic and ristretto, preparing it with the moka pot, or intense and lungo using the filter or the French press method. The ground coffee comes safely packaged in material that is easy to recycle almost anywhere. To ensure your Lavazza coffee stays fresh, please store in a cool and dry place. Contains 12 packages of 250 g each. Lavazza is synonymous with quality coffee all over the world, this comes directly from over a century of passion for coffee, experience, research and innovation.


100% Ground Coffee