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KIKKOMAN SOY SAUCE JAR 150 ML (12 in a box)

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Kikoman , naturally brewed , salsa di soia a fermentazione naturale , ideale per sushi o condimento pasti , barattoli di vetro, 15 cl.

Naturally fermented soy sauce is our classic and is always suitable for cooking or seasoning at the table. Not only for Asian dishes! Try naturally fermented soy sauce on your favorite dish, pizza, burgers, salad or even dessert. This extraordinary seasoning enriches each dish with its delicate aroma and rich umami components.Distinctive features of the naturally fermented soy sauce of Kikkoman are its reddish brown color and its unmistakable aroma.This soy sauce is was officially awarded with the V brand by the independent European Vegetarian Union (EVU) after a strict verification and selection procedure.


Soybeans, wheat, water and salt.