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Riso arborio italiano didonato, 1kg.

One of the best known rice varieties, with very big grains. During cooking, the external layer cooks more, while the kernel – rich in starch – remains firm (“al dente”). It is recommended for flans and “mantecato” (creamy) rices.

Arborio rice is a variety widely used throughout Italy ideal for the preparation of risotto based on meat or vegetables. Its name comes from the town of Arborio, where it was selected for the first time. In fact, it is in the province of Vercelli that are found the greatest cultivations of this variety.

The very large grains are characterized by a nucleus rich in starch that gives it a unique behavior during the preparation in the kitchen: the heat easily penetrates the outside of the grain, but cannot reach the central core that remains al dente. Because of this personal characteristic, Arborio is particularly suitable and appreciated in the preparation of risotto. In fact, it can absorb a quantity of water equal to five times its weight. The classic risotto alla milanese historically was prepared with this variety of rice!

These characteristics make it, in fact, suitable for the preparation of delicious risotto, especially when cooking it by immersing it in a pan together with its seasoning, which tends to absorb until the end of cooking. From the particular consistency is a rice that does not overcook and that tends to remain slightly al dente delighting even the most refined and demanding palates. In nutritional terms, Arborio Antica Riseria San Giovanni rice is low in fat, free of allergens and does not contain gluten, so it is also suitable for the diet of celiacs. It is an easily digestible cereal, rich in many minerals and vitamins of the B group. Arborio rice is an Italian product inimitable and irreplaceable, present in kitchens around the world.