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Delizie di Calabria, l' antipasto di verdure calabrese sott'olio, barattolo di vetro , 280gr.

Calabrian appetizer delights of calabria Vegetables Calabria . Delizie di Calabria was born from an intuition: the recognition that the Italian and world market, although rich in many regional courts, had no line that a piece of the Calabria culture of millennia in every specialty. It was about regaining a piece of history of humanity contained in the specialties that could only offer calabrian acribia and good taste. Philosophy The company’s mission is therefore to search for the freshest raw materials and work them with traditional methods controlled hygienically, to ensure a high quality final product that maintains the typical taste and aroma of the Calabrian agricultural culture. In most organic agriculture Delizie di Calabria carefully chooses only fresh and natural ingredients and choose them in: only seasonal products with the right degree of maturation have free access to our production laboratories, so that all the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the product remain unchanged collected. 


Mixed vegetables in variable percentage 75%: aubergine, green tomatoes, peppers, celery, dried tomatoes, green olives chopped with stone, red onion of Tropea Calabria I.G.P Lampascioni, Artischocken. Sunflower oil, pink mushrooms "Lactarius deliciosus", white fungus Tricholoma terreum, black olives, white wine vinegar, salt, garlic, fennel seeds, oregano, chili, mint, acidity regulator: citric acid.