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Amaretto amaro cointreau liquore all'arancia francese, bottiglia di vetro, 700ml.

Cointreau, the most famous orange liqueur in the world, with its enveloping aroma, its sweetness and its warmth, knows how to perfectly mark both our moments of reflection, as well as those of conviviality. Born in the late nineteenth century from a recipe by Edouard Cointreau, son of the founder of the distillery of the same name of Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, is a triple-sec product, by distillation in copper stills, peel and essential oils of sweet and bitter oranges, spices, sugar, water and alcohol. Sold in the characteristic and recognizable square glass bottle, Cointreau is an incredible and versatile orange liqueur with an inimitable taste.
Crystalline and opalescent, it releases immediate sensations of orange: peel, flowers and juice, caramel, sweet spices and delicate ethereal notes to embrace everything. Moderately warm and sweet, soft and with beautiful bitter orange persistence.
We can enjoy it smooth, with an ice cube, pour it on vanilla ice cream, or mix it to create incredible cocktails and long-drinks.
Vol.: 40%