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Bottega amaretto, liquore italiano al gusto crema di pistacchi di Sicilia, bottiglia di vetro, 500ml.

It is a creamy liqueur, pleasantly sweet and with a moderate alcohol content, characterized by an intense aroma of pistachio. The pistachios, produced by a plant native to the Middle East, which grows wild and lush on the slopes of Etna, a large Sicilian volcano, have always been recognized for their nutritional properties. From the traditional refining of only pistachios of Sicily, a paste is obtained that keeps intact all the precious organoleptic characteristics of this fruit. The skillful mixing of this pasta with alcohol, water and sugar gives life to a creamy, round, enveloping liqueur, with an intense and intoxicating aroma of Sicilian pistachios. The addition of grappa gives this product a final touch and an unmistakable aroma.

17% G.A.

Lactose Free: This liqueur is produced without using milk so it can also be consumed by those who are intolerant to lactose and milk proteins.