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Bottega liquore italiano al gusto pannacotta, bottiglia di vetro, 500ml.

Panna Cotta Bottega is a creamy liqueur, pleasantly sweet and with a moderate alcohol content, characterized by the typical and characteristic aroma of cream and milk.
Panna cotta is one of the most popular and versatile desserts of Italian pastry, with an extremely soft texture and uncertain origins. Some argue that it was invented in the Langhe by a lady of Hungarian origin, others believe that it is the lighter version of the Bavarian, typical of French pastry, still others that it is an ancestor and a variant of the "blancmange"Sicilian sweet brought in antiquity from the Arab domination, where almond milk was replaced by cow’s milk. The most accredited hypothesis, however, is that it is a dessert of Piedmontese origin born in the early '900. Bottega Panna Cotta Cream is produced from the same raw materials and with the same methods of preparation of this cake. The cream, which comes from only milk from the Alps, is cooked for a long time with vanilla berries from Madagascar. Two are therefore the main ingredients, carefully selected and of great quality: the cream that derives from the skimming of milk of Alpine origin, which gives greater intensity and typicality to our cream, and the vanilla of Madagascar, which is distinguished by its characteristic taste and its rich and round fragrance. The addition of sugar gives a touch of balanced sweetness to this product that reproduces the creaminess of the dessert it is inspired by.

15% G.A.