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Bottega limoncino, crema di liquore italiano al limone, bottiglia di vetro, 500ml.

The Limoncino Bottega is a limoncello, traditional Italian liqueur, born in the late nineteenth century. It is produced from an infusion of peels of Limone Femminello. Cultivar characterized by a fine-grained skin and the high quality of essential oils. Grown naturally and without treatment, they are harvested to the maximum degree of ripeness, washed and peeled by hand eliminating the white part (bitter) and selecting only the yellow part, rich in essential oils. The lemon peel, thus obtained, is put into an alcoholic infusion for about 30 days. After a slow process of extraction of aromatic and colouring substances, the liquid is separated from the skins. Finally, the addition of sugar and grappa of great quality that makes this Limoncino unique and unmistakable.

15% G.A.