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Alcenero blueberry succo di frutta bio, nettare di mirtillo biologico, barattolo di vetro 500ml.

The organic blueberry nectar Alce Nero contains no preservatives, flavors and additives, and is produced with organic fruit harvested at the right degree of ripeness. This nectar is obtained from fruit puree to which cane sugar is added. Sweet and intense, it is ideal to drink fresh for breakfast, for a snack or for the preparation of smoothies.

What is fruit nectar? As per European legislation (2001/112 EC of 20 December 2001, updated in 2012) the nectar of fruit is produced from fruit juice or fruit puree (or both), to which water is added and possibly sugar or sweeteners. To be included in this category, the European directive has established that the minimum quantity of fruit contained in the nectar must remain between 25 and 50%, depending on the variety of fruit used (for example 25% min for mango and 50% min for apples or pears). This % must always be shown on the label.

In addition, the Directive allows the addition of sugar (or honey) up to a maximum of 20% of the total weight of the finished product and the addition of a very limited number of additives, which have an antioxidant or acidifying effect, and prohibits the addition of preservatives, colours and flavourings.

How to dilute cranberry juice? Cranberry juice can be diluted with water and lemon or with chamomile and herbal teas or even with vegetable drinks, such as almond, as per Indian tradition (the Lassi). In all cases it should be drunk preferably fresh.


Water, blueberries* (40%), cane sugar*. *Organic.