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Ace lavapavimenti, detergente igienizzante per pavimenti lavanda ed oli essenziali, 100% brillantezza senza risciacquo, SENZA CANDEGGINA ,1000ml.

Floor cleaner, 100% shine without rinsing, WITHOUT BLEACH.

Ace Pavimenti Lavanda and essential oils are born from research and innovation.
Its special formula enriched with precious fragrances inspired by nature:
- Cleans and sanitizes the surfaces of the house by removing even the most stubborn dirt.
- It makes the surfaces shine without rinsing.
- It gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation and well-being thanks to the enveloping scent of Lavender enriched with citrus, floral, fruity and woody notes.

Large areas
Add 2 caps (60ml) of Ace Flooring in half a bucket of water (5 liters). No need to rinse.
Small areas
Pour a small amount of product on a cloth or directly on the surface. Clean and rub as usual.
Tips for safe use: Safe even on delicate surfaces such as marble, terracotta and granite. Do not use on untreated wood surfaces and untreated metal surfaces, such as bronze, copper, brass and chrome. If in doubt, try first on a small hidden part of the surface.