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Miccio , le olive verdi greche, circa 5kg.

When you think of Greek olives, you immediately think of the most famous Kalamata olives. But the green Greek olives, soft meaty and sweet taste, are not to be underestimated. They are the Greek green olives Chalkidiki, processed according to the method Castel Vetrano in Sicily. And it is in fact from the warm lands of Sicily that these olives come, despite their misleading name. And these local origins allow us to fully control the quality of the same, thus being able to guarantee our consumer a superior product for value, flavor and texture. So it is not only their size and taste that makes them different from other olives on the market, but the attention that our company pays to every step, from the collection to the sale of the finished product. Their characteristic sweetness makes them particularly loved by children and people suffering from hypertension. It is an olive that can be consumed alone or with a rich aperitif. And like all table olives, they are a traditional food in all regions of the Mediterranean basin. An example is the famous "Stifado", beef stew with tomato base, onions and our unmistakable Greek green olives. Or for those who do not want to cook, added to a cold salad of green beans, Feta cheese and mustard sauce. However you choose to taste these olives, the palate will never be disappointed. And let’s not forget that they go perfectly with a glass of white wine refreshed to perfection.


Olives, salt, water, citric acid