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KINDER DELICE X10 390 GR (14 in a box)

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Kinder ferrero colazione, merendine delice al cioccolato e pan di pagna, 10 snack, 390gr.

Kinder Délice, with its delicious cocoa cover, two soft sponge cakes and creamy milk filling, makes the snack the most awaited moment of the day.


Sugar, vegetable fat (palm, shea, sal), glucose-fructose syrup, humidifier (glycerol), rehydrated milk powder (7%), wheat flour (6.5%), skimmed milk powder (5.5%), dextrose, low-fat cocoa (3%), cocoa (2.5%), eggs (2.5%), whey powder, concentrated pear juice, wheat starch, whole milk powder (0.5%), emulsifiers: lecithins (soya), mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; raising agents (ammonium carbonate, sodium acid carbonate), concentrated lemon juice, flavourings, cocoa butter, salt, cocoa paste, anhydrous butter. May contain mustard.