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Così com'è , pomodori datterini gialli in acqua di mare, barattoli di vetro, 350gr.

The Yellow Date in Sea Water, kept natural thanks to the many mineral nutrients, has a sweet and juicy pulp and has an even more intense taste. It is harvested ripe and immediately immersed in sea water, which preserves all its organoleptic qualities: in this way, the tomato remains fresh and tasty. In the kitchen, the yellow date is very versatile and can be used to prepare many recipes; thanks to the right note of flavor is ideal to give balance to every dish, especially those based on fish. The special preservation in sea water allows us to preserve the original flavor of the tomato neither tasteless nor salty. Moreover, especially because of the lower content of sodium, it allows you to take the most complete and balanced range of minerals necessary for the balance of our body. The sweetness of the date enhanced by sea water is a perfect ingredient to prepare tasty dishes especially based on fish. In the kitchen we recommend not to empty the content to enhance to the maximum all the organoleptic properties contained in the product. We cultivate the plants of our supply chain exclusively in the Piana del Sele, a vast area of Campania famous for its fertile soils, soil and climate conditions and the optimal exposure to the sun for the growth of many gastronomic excellence of the territory. The tomato Datterino is mainly grown in greenhouses, where it is protected from weather and pests. The collection is made by hand, preserving the integrity. The packaging, made of glass, follows very strict conservation standards to ensure a very high quality.


Yellow "Datterini" tomatoes (of Italian origin from integrated production), sea water (20%), water.