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Bottega liquore italiano al gusto crema cioccolato gianduia fondente e nocciola, bottiglia di vetro, 500ml.

Nut Liqueur

The Creme Bottega, soft and velvety on the palate, have a unique taste that derives from the quality and careful selection of raw materials, from the Italian pastry tradition and from the decades of experience of our company. Gianduia Fondente Bottega is a creamy liqueur, moderately sweet and with a low alcohol content. It is characterized by the pronounced flavor of dark chocolate and the strong hints of hazelnut, which increase the aromatic intensity of this "dark" version of the traditional Gianduia.
Gianduia Fondente Bottega, fully reproduces the aromatic charge of Gianduia chocolate, is a velvety cream, produced using selected ingredients, including hazelnut paste of Sicily, to different toasts in order to express all its potential, and cocoa of Santo Domingo, to enhance the fruity and floral notes typical of quality dark chocolate. The balanced mix of hazelnut paste and cocoa has been carefully designed to enhance the typical notes of Gianduia. The absence of milk or milk products is motivated by the desire to create a vegan product.

17% G.A.