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Agridè ,extra virgin olive oil evo , il classico, bottiglie di vetro da 1lt.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protected Designation of Origin "TERRA DI BARI" is obtained from olives of the varieties: Ogliarola Barese and Coratina.

While in TERRA DI BARI - BITONTO the prevalence of Ogliarola gives yellow color with shades tending to green, fruity smell and taste of Olive with a feeling of fresh herbs and a slight hint of bitter and spicy, it is in the "TERRA DI BAR" - CASTEL DEL MONTE that the greater amount of Coratina gives the oil a green color with shades tending to yellow, intense and fruity aroma of olive with a pleasant note of bitter and spicy.

The oils bearing the PDO mark, produced in compliance with a strict production specification that ensures their typicality, after passing the tests carried out by the inspection bodies recognized by the Ministry (chemical-physical and organoleptic analysis)They obtain a progressive numeric code on the label that allows you to follow the entire production chain from the field to the bottle.