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Terrae passata di pomodoro bio, senza nichel, barattoli di vetro, 420gr.

TERRAE, the first pass NICKEL FREE obtained from 100% Organic tomatoes and grown in the field!

Tomatoes harvested at the right ripeness in their natural life cycle that give the past NICKEL FREE a scent and an irresistible taste like a homemade "sauce".

Earth, water, air and agriculture BIO; these are the factors that make our past poor in nickel ( 0,03 mg/Kg - CSQA DTP 140)

EARTH: is a medium-textured soil, partly rocky, which in its composition has low amounts of NICKEL;

WATER: the water used, coming from the karst aquifers, is pure by its nature and free of heavy metals;

AIR: our land is located in a pollution-free area due to low/no industrial density and low population density

BIO: 20 years of organic farming have avoided and avoid the introduction of chemicals containing NICKEL.

The tomatoes are harvested by hand, in full respect of the working dynamics, transported to the production plant and processed within a few hours of harvesting. Transport and fast processing reduce the risk of contamination by pollutants.

The transformation process takes place with machines that do not release NICKEL and the water contained in the past is almost nothing; both factors in addition to making our NICKEL FREE coating make it thick and creamy, as homemade!



Tomato* (99.5%), Salt. *Organic.