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NATURA VIVA TEMPEH 150 GR (6 in a box)

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Compagnia italiana, natura viva, carne vegana, snack a base di soia , il tempeh, 150gr.

Tempeh is the most valuable of soy products, known for its great digestibility thanks to the long fermentation and rich in protein and vitamin B12. Our tempeh has that soft taste, with soy notes and delicate hints of nuts and mushrooms.
A concentrate of virtues, a versatile and full of taste food to exalt and respect, perfect in salads or stir-fried, in meat sauce and stews, mousse and creams. Selected ingredients, craftsmanship, respect for the times. Soy decorticata regional chain, also organic.
Tempeh is good for you and sustainable for the planet. Packaging is FSC certified because it is made from sustainable materials that come from responsibly managed forests.

NB: The presence of brown spots or blackheads on the surface is due to a completely natural phenomenon, due to fermentation and does not alter the taste and quality of the product.


Soya* 57%, Water, Apple vinegar*, Mycelium fermentation (Rhizopus oligosporus).(*) from organic farming.