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CASA RUBIS TARALLI CLASSIC 300gr (10 in a box )

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It is not a secret that the three pillars of the Apulian cuisine are wine, oil and wheat. What not everyone knows is that there is a fourth called tarallo. Small and round, tarallo is a healthy snack similar to bread. It is the symbol of conviviality, enhancing every moment of the family social life and creating connections like rings in a chain. The Casa Rubis’taralli contain carefully selected ingredients which are in the traditional recipe of Nonna Pina passed on from one generation to another.
The Casa Rubis’taralli are masterfully twisted one by one by expert hands to confer them the classic round shape like the sun of the lands where it is born. The tradition also requires the taralli to be first boiled, and then cooked in the oven to make them fragrant and crispy.
Available in 6 tasty varieties